Alexa Nikolas Nude Photos And Video Leaked

Former star of Nickelodeon’s “Zoey 101” Alexa Nikolas has just had the nude photos below and topless video above leaked online.

In this nude video Alexa appears to be performing some sort of deranged mating dance. No doubt she was taught it by her owners at Nickelodeon who use to have her perform all sorts Satanic sexually explicit acts for extra servings of gruel in her trough at night. Of course if Alexa was a Disney star she would be better trained, and have her pants off while stomping around like a retard.

Yes this Alexa Nikolas leak leaves a lot to be desired, and it is unlikely that this will catapult her into mainstream stardom with the hopelessly depraved infidel public. Next time Alexa should not half ass her nude pics if she wants to grab people’s attention, and at least include a couple of selfies of her fingerblasting her anus hole while she deepthroats a horse (or some other equally large mammal).


Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas
Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas
Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas
Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas
Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas
Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas Alexa Nikolas

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  1. pete g

    Was that her mum filming?

  2. dj_remickz

    awesome little tits...

  3. Guru Tugginmypudha

    Wow, zoey 101, that show is sure very old. My grand nephews used to watch it, and now they are hand jobbing to this white bitch, I'd punish them for the low standards they have, but sadly I'm just their uncle.
    Anyways this slut would give head to the other assistants in Yoga Classes, I've sent her a ticket to Taj Mahal.

  4. Great Site

    The holy Quaran says to make a slut out of these western infidel women and then pelt them with rocks.

  5. Mahar Mahin Mullah of Mashhad

    Mediocrity personified.

  6. Jethro

    Rofl... I think that video is actually Stormin Mormon! I think we need to double check because Stormy is much fatter, but with the special effects/filters these days, you never know.

  7. Latard Odom (Emir of Africa)

    Durka is posting on Sat? He must of grabbed one of those Syrian refugees with IT experience...


  8. Latard Odom (Emir of Africa)

    Ozzy is right...the Christian Jew god is dead...

    Allah's justice stones are gonna fly! We don't need any help from pagan gods...


  9. The CelebJihad Moderator

    Since we here at CelebJihad do not give a damn about St. Patty's Day, we will keep the hacked photos coming.
    The CelebJihad Moderator

  10. Neck

    lol Idk who any of these people are but i guess it beats fake porn

  11. Abdullah Abdul

    As a pious Muslim man, I am impressed with this olive niggger's boyish-body and flat titties, which could pass as a bachi bazi boy. Let us praise Allah the most high, in this golden age of celebrity hacks.

  12. Burt Dingman

    Don't know who she is and her tits are too small. But, some good ones here on the site lately. Must be in the middle of a fappening. Thanks, CJ. Fingers crossed for Debby Ryan or Ariel Winter

  13. Iraqi Pete

    Der Fuhrer has asked me to apologize to everyone on CJ for his absence the past few days. He is very nervous about his upcoming sex tape leak featuring Caitlyn Jenner.
    He asks you all to respect his privacy at this very difficult time.

  14. Reverend Al

    .....and by equally large mammal we know what Durka means. .....
    That's right boys and girls: A NEGRO
    When will the racism (and flattering) stop?

  15. Gay Andrew

    Oh sexy boys, I just went shopping today and I bought a thong. Does anyone want to see me wearing it? :)

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